Our welcoming reception area and waiting area where you will be greeted by our experienced administration staff.  Purchases, weigh – ins, admissions and discharges.

There is access to two modern consult rooms directly off waiting area.

Dental Imaging SuiteB


With the use of modern dental x-ray and  ultrasonic equipment we offer scale, polish and extractions for your pet.  One of the most common problems seen in our pets is gingivitis and dental disease.  Your pet’s teeth should be examined on a regular basis and if necessary follow up with a professional dental clean.

All our dental procedures are followed up with training and home care products that ensure that the procedure lasts as long as possible, keeping your pet's mouth health at its best.



We have a well-equipped, modern surgery suite with experienced surgeons. We use Isoflurane gaseous anaesthesia (the safest gaseous anaesthetic available), sterile gloving, autoclaved and disposable draping and instrumentation, heating pads to maintain body temperature throughout the procedure as well as the latest monitoring machines. We offer a wide range of surgical procedures from routine castrations and speys, caesarean sections, exploratory abdominal surgery to orthopaedics such as cruciate ligament repair and many other procedures.



Our centre has the lastest modern digital x-ray machine on site to allow immediate high quality results for interpretation, this also includes the latest dental x-ray imaging.  These can also be sent to specialists for a second opinion if required. A digital copy is available on discharge if requested.

Pathology Machinesb


Sorell Veterinary Centre is equipped with the latest on-site laboratory equipment so we can offer routine analysis with immediate results.

Our Microscope allows us to examine tissue sample smears for things such as skin mites. bacteriology and cytopathology such as ‘fine-needle aspirates’ on lump examinations can be performed.



We have on-site ultrasound equipment for visual imaging of the chest, abdomen and all soft tissues for a more concise prognosis.



Our recovery room, fitted with digital IVF machines, is monitored by experienced nurses and is safe and comfortable for your pets.

We have a dedicated feline enclosure that utilises a feliway diffuser and spray to ensure that your cat feels as content as possible. Relaxing cat music is also played for the ultimate experience.



We carry stocks of antivenom for Tasmanian snakes and paralysis ticks.

Please note a deposit of $1000 is required prior to antivenom treatment.



We cater for your pets needs by stocking a range of prescription foods from Hill’s and Delicate Care, as well as a range of collars, leads, harnesses, flea and tick prevention. We also stock a range of shampoos and conditioners from natural to medicated. Worming for both cats and dogs as well as over the counter supplements.


If we don't have something we can certainly try and source it for you.


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