Upon your arrival you will be greeted by our experienced administration staff.  Your pet will be required to have their weight recorded before proceeding through to the veterinary consultation. If your pet is very ill, they will be taken immediately through to the treatment room to be assessed.

If your pet is excessively coughing please let the staff know that you are here before bringing your pet into the clinic.

Please ensure your dog is on a lead and your cat is in a box or carrier. This is for your animals safety. 



A thorough physical examination will be performed by the veterinarian with routine procedures done.  If further treatment, medication or hospitalisation is required this will be discussed with you. Feel free to ask questions regarding anything that has been discussed.



Should your pet require hospitalisation on the day they will be admitted immediately and taken through to the treatment room to be prepped by our experienced nurses. If you are to be admitted on another day, admissions are from 8.00am – 9.00am.

Please be aware - no food to be consumed by your pet on the morning of hospitalisation. Giving them water is fine. Admission forms are to be completed on both occasions on the day of surgery.



While your pet is in our care we welcome you to phone for an update on your pet.  Our friendly staff will always contact you if there is any change and when your pet is ready for discharge.



If your pet is staying we welcome a visit, please phone to organize best time. At times this can be more stressful to the pet if you do come in as they think they are going home and can get distressed at being left again. Please discuss it with the nurses if you do want to visit.



When your pet is in recovery from it's procedure, one of the veterinary nurses will call you and arrange a discharge appointment. This is usually from 3pm to 5pm Monday to Friday. If your pet requires further hospitalisation this will be discussed with you.



Please be aware that Sorell Veterinary Centre receives no government funding. 

Our centre relies entirely on the fees that are invoiced to the client. The fees are determined by the cost of maintaining our facilities and our staff to ensure that we can offer the best possible care for your pet.

Emergencies can be an unexpected strain on the finances and the vet will give you an estimate on the cost of treatment.

Payment is required at the time of consultation. For hospitalisation of Parvo, Paralysis Tick and Snake bite there is a deposit of $1000 required on admission. Emergency case admission requires a deposit of $650. All other payments required in full on discharge.

Consultations are $95. This does not cover any extra treatment or medication that may be required. Emergency / On the day consultations are $150.

We have VetPay payment plans for approved applicants available if required. Apply online at (click on the button below)  Applications are to be approved prior to appointment.



Please bring your pet’s insurance details so we can process your claim for you.

We require your policy holder and policy number of each pet insured.

GapOnly is available for selected insurance policies, please let us know if we can process this for you at the time of your appointment.



Our centre is equipped with a pharmacy to enable the correct medications to be administered to your pet at the time of consultation.  If you require repeat medication, please call 24-48 hours ahead to order these so that they are ready for you at reception. Some medications must be ordered so please allow enough time for these to come in before your supply at home runs out.

Please be aware that repeat medication is only valid for 6 months, after this your pet will need to have a consultation by the vet for a health re-evaluation before more medication can be legally re-prescribed.



Regular checkups are encouraged at Sorell Veterinary Centre. We like to see the animals we treat again, even if you are just doing a walk by with them. Our vet services in Sorell are built on a deep interest in our community which includes all animals. Regular toenail clipping will prevent more serious foot problems in the future. Making sure your pet is not a host to fleas and keeping them regularly wormed is something we can document for you and help you to keep current.



Surgery is always a last resort and, if the procedure will not enhance the quality and duration of your pet's life, we will let you know.

Some surgical procedures are simple everyday practice like the neutering of your animals. However, we treat even these routine procedures with the utmost care and cleanliness, and only use technology that is state-of-the-art. Our anaesthesia/ surgeries are monitored by Cert IV qualified Vet Nurses and use the latest safest anaesthetic agents. Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is in house as are Intravenous Fluid Therapy available when required. We pride ourselves in surgical experience which helps in speed and thus safety and cost of a procedure as well as being fully equipped with digital surgical anaesthesia monitors to help our experienced nurses to safely monitor surgical anaesthesia.



Everyone at Sorell Veterinary Centre believes vet services should be as good as it gets. We thrive on keeping ourselves current, re-educated, and inspired. What is important to us is the overall good health that your animal deserves to enjoy.

Nothing is too good for our furry friends, so give us a call today on 6269 2323 to find out how we can help you.



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